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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about The Satori Alliance Website. If you have experienced a specific technical issue or bug with the site, please fill out a Help form to contact our technical support team.

I can’t remember my password.

Click the “Lost Password” button located on the Login page of the site. This will help you reset your password.

How do I add team members?

Each Member School is given 10 logins in addition to a “parent” login.  Logins may be given to paid staff members, volunteer staff, or even leadership students.  Who you give access to is your choice.

Click this link for a quick video on how to Add Team Members.

I have a Individual Instructor membership that I need to reassign to a different user.

The easiest way to do this is to ask the Individual Instructor member to cancel their account. They can do this by clicking on their account button (the “Welcome [Username]” link they see at the top right of the website) and selecting Cancel Membership. This will allow an additional use of your Individual Instructor code.

 If you are unable to cancel through the specific Individual Instructor account, please fill out the “Request to Turn Off Individual Instructor Account” form located here and we will deactivate the account for you manually.

 Where can I go to see my billing history?

Click on the “Welcome [Your Username]” link that appears at the top right of the website once you have logged in. This will take you to your account page.

There you will find your billing history when you scroll down near the bottom of the page, below the “Invoices” section.

How do I add a video to my favorites list?

Open the video you want to add to your favorites list and click the “Add to Favorites” button immediately below the video.

How do I become a part of The Satori Alliance Online Directory?

By adding your school to The Satori Alliance Online School Directory, a prospective student or student’s parent that is looking for a Satori Alliance school near them will be able to find you.  To join the directory, make sure you’re logged into your account, then click this link to upload your information: Directory

Why do I have to complete a Background Check for Instructor Certification?

To continue to be a professional and safe place for parents to find qualified martial arts instructors for children, we need to have full transparency within The Satori Alliance.

The owner of the Member School must first fill out a background check.  If any of your team members plan on testing for Instructor Certification, we will require them to complete a background check prior to testing as well. Background Check

What is “The Instructor’s Toolbox” Book?

If you haven’t read Kyoshi Dave Kovar’s book, “The Instructor’s Toolbox”, we highly recommend you add it to your collection.  Mr. Kovar’s book reinforces concepts taught through The Satori Alliance Instructor Certification Program.  If you’d like to order any books for yourself or your team, click here: Instructor Toolbox Book

How do I become CPR certified and complete my Concussion training?

1. Complete a CPR and First Aid course in your area or online and submit a photocopy here:

2. Complete a Heads-Up Concussion Training with the online coursework and submit your certificate of completion here: 

I found an error on the site, how do I tell Kovar’s about it?

Please report the issue by filling out the Help form, found here.

How do I access my account information?

Click on the “Welcome [Your Username]” link that appears at the top right of the website once you have logged in. This will take you to your account page.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please Contact Us with further questions or fill out a Help Form if you have experienced technical issues with the site.