Beliefs are funny Things… They can make the
impossible, possible… But be careful because if you don’t
watch it, they can also make the possible impossible.

Your Background Check

Thank you for joining The Satori Alliance.

We hope to provide you with the best possible service, and help take your teaching skills and martial arts to the next level. In order to test for instructor certification or Black Belt rankings, and to be listed as an official member of The Satori Alliance Website Directory, one must first pass a background check. This is to ensure our alliance has the safest, and most respected martial artists in the industry.

The charge per background check is: $29.95.

To pay your background check fee, submit the form below and you will be sent to our PayPal Checkout page.

Full Name
School Name (Optional)

Once you’ve downloaded and completed your UNIVERSAL DISCLOSURE FORM, you may scan and e-mail it back to or fax it to us at 916-480-0460.

Once completed we may ask for further information from you, so that we can properly list you as a member on The Satori Alliance Website Directory.